How to Sell a Vacant Investment Property in Atlanta

While selling any home presents its own challenges, successfully closing on your for-sale, vacant investment property offers unique hurdles over which even seasoned professionals can stumble. Let’s cover how to sell a vacant investment property in Atlanta to do everything we can to push your property head and shoulders above the competition. Investigate the Market … Continued

5 Characteristics of a Top Atlanta Real Estate Agent

One of the best things any buyer or seller can do to kickstart their real estate adventure is meet with multiple different agents and choose the one that feels like the best fit for that client. To get a better concept of how you can better identify a stellar agent, let’s look at 5 characteristics … Continued

3 Tips to Help You Sell a Duplex in Atlanta

Most sellers have their hands full with the traditional single-family home. So, getting a duplex ready for sale and then sold is a challenge for the resourceful and stalwart seller. The best way to get your property sale started off right is to study our 3 tips to help you sell a duplex in Atlanta. … Continued

6 Tips to Help You Downsize Your Home in Atlanta

One of the more complicated things to accomplish throughout your homeownership career is successfully cutting everything back and deciding to take on less. If you feel it’s time to look into moving into a smaller, more manageable home, check out these 6 tips to help you downsize your home in Atlanta. Consider Your Circumstances Any … Continued

What Atlanta Home Buyers Need to Know About PMI

All home buyers will have to pay for homeowners insurance, but some buyers will also have to pay for additional insurance coverage – private mortgage insurance (PMI). This kind of insurance, however, doesn’t provide protective coverage for the homeowner. Rather, it is intended to protect the lender, typically when buyers pay less than 20% down … Continued