Real Estate and Your Taxes: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Ensuring your taxes are done correctly can be challenging all on its own.  Including the purchase or sale of a home adds another layer of complexity to the task. To give you a better view of the bigger picture, let’s cover how real estate transactions affect both buyers’ and sellers’ taxes: The Details Matter As … Continued

The Mortgage Process Explained for First-Time Buyers in Atlanta

For most buyers, an important step in purchasing a new home is securing financing through a major mortgage lender. To get an idea of what to expect along the path to getting your home loan approved, let’s go over what first-time home buyers in Atlanta need to know about the mortgage process: How Loans Are … Continued

5 Lesser Known Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in Atlanta

Buying your first home is an exciting adventure, a brand-new chapter in your life. But it can also be the source of not a little stress and anxiety – it’s likely the largest purchase of your life, and any number of things can go wrong. So as a first-time home buyer, you don’t want to … Continued

3 Things Agents do When Selling Their Own Properties in Atlanta

It should come as no surprise that real estate professionals have their tricks of the trade and put them to good use on a regular basis. Make note of these 3 things agents do when selling their own properties in Atlanta to put your home’s sale on a surefire path to success. Do Some Research … Continued

5 Things to do Before and After Closing in Atlanta

Having your bid accepted on that property you’ve been eyeing for months is an exciting time, but it’s important to keep a cool head and focus your energy toward closing. To assist you with getting everything done and ease the transition to your new home, here are 5 things to do before and after closing … Continued

3 Tips to Help You Find Profitable Multi-Family Properties in Atlanta

Establishing and continuing to maintain a profitable investment portfolio is a tricky job, even for those of us with a critical eye and superb multi-tasking capabilities. Let’s try to make your portfolio’s continued growth a bit easier by going over 3 tips to help you find profitable multi-family properties in Atlanta. Get Investigating Every buyer … Continued

How to Buy Your First Investment Property in Atlanta

Buying your first investment property is a big step. And, as many real estate investors can attest, it can be your first step toward generating a substantial passive income and wealth. But the investor road is littered with pitfalls and challenges, so you at least need to know the basics before buying that first property. … Continued