5 Tips to Help You Afford a New Home in Atlanta

There are a lot of different parts that go into searching for and then purchasing a new home, and it can become overwhelming for the average homebuyer with a limited understanding of the entire process. To ease some of that anxiety and set you up for success, let’s go over 5 tips to help you … Continued

How to Negotiate the Best Deal With a Atlanta Home Builder

New construction can be a great choice. You get to live in a brand-new, never-lived-in-before home, and you can get tailored specifically to meet your needs and wants. But there are some drawbacks, chief of which is builders’ typical reluctance to budge on price. Their goal is, after all, to maximize profit. Still, there are … Continued

How Much are Closing Costs for Home Sellers in Atlanta?

So you’ve accepted an offer on your home, and you’re looking forward to a tidy profit when it’s all said and done. But then at the final stage of the transaction, closing, you’re hit with all those closing costs. If you have plenty of equity in your home, those costs may not be too much … Continued

4 Things to do Before a Atlanta Home Appraisal

Even though you’ve found a buyer and accepted an offer, another hurdle remains before you can close the deal: the home appraisal. Performed by a certified, licensed professional, the appraisal is a report of your home’s value on the market. And this valuation determines whether your price is appropriate – that is, whether you actually … Continued

How to Prepare a Seller’s Disclosure in Georgia

When selling your home, it’s essential that you are upfront about any serious issues that are present on the property’s grounds in order to allow any potential buyers to make an informed decision. To help you get all of your ducks in a row while jumping through any legal hoops, let’s go over how to … Continued

5 Ways Atlanta Homeowners Can Blend the Outdoors With the Indoors

Some of us like to live in a space that doesn’t separate the outdoors and indoors, but rather carefully brings them together in a harmonious fashion to enhance our everyday living experience. In order to make this idea into a reality, let’s look at 5 ways Atlanta homeowners can blend the outdoors with the indoors: … Continued

How Rising Interest Rates Will Impact Your Home Purchase in Georgia

After reaching historic lows just a year or so ago, mortgage interest rates are now rising. In fact, rates for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages are now the highest they’ve been since May of last year. Traditionally, rising rates have meant less buying power for home buyers/borrowers. But we have some unique circumstances this time around. Let’s … Continued

4 Things to do Before a Atlanta Home Inspection

Congratulations! You got a reasonable offer for your home, and the purchase agreement has been signed. But hold on – it’s not a done deal yet. You still have to get through the inspection. Typically, the home inspection occurs after the buyer signs the purchase agreement, and many buyers include an inspection contingency so that … Continued

4 Smart Home Gadgets You’ll Want to Add to your Atlanta Home

As home-enhancing technology becomes more readily available and cheaper to purchase for the average owner, there are plenty of ways to incorporate devices to make your life easier and more efficient. Let’s look at some ways to bring these technological game-changers into your home with 4 smart home gadgets you’ll want to add to your … Continued