Selling Your House in Atlanta: 7 Tips to Help You Prepare Your House for Inspections and Appraisals

Are you thinking about selling your house in Atlanta? If so, there are several steps you need to take in order to prepare your house for inspections and appraisals. It’s important that your house looks its best and that all minor repairs are taken care of. If you are ready to sell your property here in Atlanta, here are seven tips to help you get your house in top condition before potential buyers come to view your property.

1. Declutter and Clean

The first step in preparing your house for inspections and appraisals is to declutter and clean. You want your house to look as spacious and clean as possible for both inspectors and the people who request to view your property. Remove any unnecessary items from your house and clean every surface. Personal items should all be stored away. Dust and vacuum all the rooms, and make sure that your kitchen and bathrooms are spotless. These areas tend to leave a big impression on both potential buyers and the professionals who are inspecting your home. 

2. Repair Any Damages

Before opening your house to inspections and appraisals, be sure to inspect your house for any damages that need to be repaired. Fix any leaks, holes in the walls, or damaged flooring. If you have any broken appliances, either fix them or replace them. These repairs will not only make your house look better, but they will also increase the value of your property. Minor repairs are often a sign larger ones are needed, so be sure to have things in order before the inspector arrives. 

3. Enhance Curb Appeal

The first impression that potential buyers will get of your house is its exterior. Therefore, enhancing your curb appeal is crucial. Mow your lawn, trim your hedges, and plant some flowers. Make sure that your house number is visible and that your front door is clean and welcoming. These small changes can lead to a higher appraisal and perceived value for your potential buyers. 

4. Organize Your Storage Spaces

Potential buyers will want to see your storage spaces, such as closets, cabinets, and garages. Therefore, it is important to organize these spaces to make them look spacious and functional. Remove any unnecessary items and arrange everything neatly. Make sure there isn’t any clutter and that things are not piled up in an effort to be out of the way. 

5. Depersonalize

When potential buyers come to view your property, they want to envision themselves living in your house. Therefore, it is important to depersonalize your space. Remove family photos, memorabilia, and any items that may distract potential buyers.

6. Freshen Up Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your house’s appearance. If your walls are looking dull or dirty, consider repainting them. While a bold color may look incredible, try to choose neutral colors that will appeal to a wide range of buyers. 

7. Hire a Professional Home Inspector

Before putting your house on the market, hire a professional home inspector to inspect your property. This will allow you to identify any potential issues that may arise during the sale process. Addressing these issues beforehand can save you time and money in the long run. It is better to find and address problems now rather than after your house has been sold to a new buyer. 
Preparing your house for inspections and appraisals is an essential step in the selling process. By following these seven tips, you can ensure that your house looks its best when potential buyers come to view your property. Remember, the better your house looks, the more likely you are to receive top dollar for the house! Are you ready to sell your house in Atlanta? Find out how Big Ron Property Solutions can help with the process! (404) 977-5054