Ronald has been in the Real Estate Business since 1999. Being the company’s Visionary, his top priorities are building big relationships, setting clear vision for the team and selling/closing big deals!

He took Mechanical Engineering first then switched to Business Management from the Southern Polytechnic State University.

He loves fishing, traveling, reading and hangs out with his friends and family during his free time.

Ronald aims for this business to serve his family, his team and different communities.

Ronald’s’ family includes his wife, teenage daughter, infant son and their dog Roxie.

He gets excited when he sees people around him grow, not being the same today as they were yesterday and his friends think that he is a free thinker.


Marketing Director

Working in the US Real Estate Industry for 9 years and a Marketing graduate. Lori started as a short sale coordinator for a real estate website before joining Ronald’s team in 2016 as their transaction coordinator.

She worked her way up by mastering various tools and processes. Lori is now in charge of planning and executing marketing strategies, managing team progress, and holding the team accountable.

She enjoys being a part of the team and aims to help make Big Ron Property Solutions one of the top real estate companies in the US.

Married since 2006 with 5 daughters and a Pomeranian, Lori loves spending time with her husband and playing with her kids during her free time.

Her friends would say she is witty, funny, inspirational. and great company. Lori gets excited whenever a member of BTS posts an update online. Yes, she is a member of the BTS ARMY!


Team Lead Inside Sales Associate

Pie has worked in the US Real Estate for almost 9 years. She joined the team in 2016 as an Inside Sales Agent, setting up and confirming appointments for buyers and sellers.

Today Pie is the team Lead Inside Sales Agent. She’s responsible for training and managing the ISA’s and she keeps in touch with all of our potential clients.

Pie loves to cook and spend time with her family every weekend. She has a son Atom, 2 cats: Tristan and Moon, and 7 dogs: Zoey, Choco, Chantelle, Mocha, Molly, Simon and Willy! 

Traveling really gets Pie excited! Her friends would say she is hard-working and a great mom.

Pie really enjoys working for our team because we encourage work-life balance.


Transaction Manager

Mikee handles all of the transaction management for the entire team. She prepares all of the legal documents required from contract to closing of every transaction, maintains the communication to all parties involved, and submits all the necessary documents on time.

New under contracts gets Mikee very excited as well as new book releases! A self confessed bookworm, she loves to read and collect books.

Mikee is happily married and spends time playing games and watching TV with her kids.

Her heart is warmed by her kids, especially when they show her their new talents, new learning, or new found love of something.

Her friends would say that she is very reliable, a great listener, and super supportive. Mikee enjoys working for the team because everyone is well respected and appreciated.

New under contracts get Mikee excited as well as new book releases and Stray Kids comebacks! Truly a STAY by heart.