Big Ron Cares: Improving Lives at Grace to be Born Foundation Inc.

It was a fine Sunday morning of October 17th. Everyone has been busy preparing for the big event since the day before. Gathering and packing all the good stuff, from milk to diapers to toiletries and medicines.

Big Ron Property Solutions

Big Ron Property Solutions’ contribution to Grace To Be Born Foundation has helped to provide food and supplies to this organization, which shelters young and unwed mothers in crisis. Grace to be Born houses these mothers during and after their pregnancy and provides them with life-skills that they can use to earn a living after they give birth. 

Krizel, one of the organizers, says “Doing projects like this is something that we would like to do on a regular basis, and I really appreciate sponsors like Big Ron Property Solutions who helped us hugely in making this happen.”

As of writing, Grace to be Born houses 9 mothers and 20 children under their care. Childrens’ ages range from 0 to 8 years old. One of their staff, Ann, mentioned that she was very grateful when the donations arrived because they were running low on supplies.

However, due to COVID protocols, organizers and sponsors were not allowed to enter the facility. So they were unable to meet the mothers and children and could only leave the donations at the door.

Regardless of these protocols, the feelings of happiness, gratitude and fulfillment were spread throughout the faces of all the organizers who helped to make this happen!

Big Ron Property Solutions, being one of the major sponsors for this event, is committed to its core value of serving and being a  blessing to the community. 

Until the next Big Ron Cares Project…

Big Ron Property Solutions

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