3 Things to Look for When Buying a Smaller House in Atlanta

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer looking for a budget-oriented starter home or a seasoned homeowner wanting to downsize because of a change in life circumstances, there are certain aspects of smaller homes that can be overlooked by less savvy buyers. Let’s prepare you for checking out properties in your area by going over 3 things to look for when buying a smaller house in Atlanta.


The oft-repeated saying in real estate is “location, location, location,” and that’s especially true when shopping for a smaller house in Atlanta. 

You want your home to be an oasis from the daily grind, and having ease of access to your most visited venues only helps to reach that goal. Look for homes that are located next to highly rated schools, shopping, and even major commuter routes. 

The key here is to find that sweet spot where your next home can easily get to these places without the traffic and noise affecting the home itself. Some buyers without children will dismiss the idea of being near a desirable school, but the boost in market value brought to a property simply by being within walking distance of a school can be massive.

There’s more to the location of a smaller home than its proximity to other destinations, and that’s the surrounding community. 

We encourage you to go out and take some time to walk around the neighborhood of any homes that catch your eye. Take in the sights and sounds to get a better idea of what everyday life is like around the home. If you have a chance to strike up a conversation with a neighbor, ask what they like about living in that neighborhood. 

This additional step may seem a bit much, but there’s no better way to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what living in that area would be like for you.

High Utility

Looking back over the last few years, we’ve learned that life can change pretty quickly. 

Buying a smaller house means adapting and finding new ways of accomplishing your tasks and objectives as well as potentially downsizing your possessions to a degree. Your home can assist with this by providing the necessary storage space you require and coming equipped with living spaces that fulfill more than one purpose. 

For instance, combining a living and dining space or a bedroom and home office can be the difference between making or breaking your experience living in that home. When walking through a property, imagine how you could best utilize the available space or transition it in a way that becomes more functional for you.

The indoor space of a home clearly matters, but having the ability to stretch your legs outdoors a bit can make even the smallest homes feel much larger. 

Think about using a patio area as a place to entertain guests with cooperation from a fire pit, hot tub, or outdoor dining area. This can quickly expand your perceived living space and make the small home feel more open and less constrained.

Your Own Checklist

A common issue you will see with buyers is their lack of awareness of their own wants and needs in their new home. 

The best way to bypass this issue is to sit down and make an actual list of things you must get from your new smaller house and things you would like to get from your home. These can be functional physical elements, such as a garage, or location-based, such as our previous example of being near a school. 

Whatever the case, defining what you must get from your home and sticking to that list helps to push you toward the right properties from the very beginning. Finally, be picky and don’t settle for less when the very next home you visit could be a dream come true.

Help When Buying a Smaller House in Atlanta

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