What Homeowners Can Do About a Run-Down Property in Atlanta

Whether you’re a homeowner who plans to sell or just wants to keep the value of your home up, you are right to be concerned about a run-down property in the neighborhood. The problem, though, is that you just don’t have much control over what your neighbors do concerning their homes even when they have become eyesores. But there are some strategies you can deploy to deal with this problem. So read on to find out what you as a homeowner can do about a run-down property in Atlanta.

Talk to the Owners/Renters

The first thing you should do about a run-down property in Atlanta is to talk to those neighbors. It may sound overly simplistic, but it can work. Of course, it all depends on how you frame the conversation and present your case.

You wouldn’t, for example, want to storm over and demand that they clean up their place and take care of maintenance chores. Rather, you should say something like this: “You know, the more my house sells or appraises for, the more your house is worth. Let’s see what we can do to keep our property values up.”

Most people want to avoid difficult conversations and confrontations. So it’s often easier than you think to get your neighbors to do something about their run-down property.

Offer to Do the Work Yourself

Sometimes a run-down property in Atlanta gets that way simply because the occupants are not physically able to do the necessary work. They may be elderly people or disabled, and the property has deteriorated not because they don’t want to keep it up, but because they can’t.

In such a case, you could offer to do the work yourself. You would not only be increasing your own property’s value but helping out neighbors in need as well. 

Contact the HOA Board

If the first two tactics don’t work and you live in an HOA community, you could get in touch with the HOA board about the run-down property problem. One of the main purposes of a homeowners association is to keep the neighborhood looking nice and property values up. So you may get results this way.

The HOA board may levy a fine against the offending party, which often works. Or the HOA may pay to have the needed work performed and then place a lien on the property that has to be discharged before the property can be sold.

Lodge a Complaint with City Officials

When all else fails with a run-down property in Atlanta, you can always lodge a complaint with the proper city officials. It’s likely that the property is in violation of city codes, and the city will make sure the problem is taken care of.

Just be sure, if you take this route, that you do so well before putting your home on the market when you plan to sell. Often, the owners/renters will have 90 days to comply. You may want to consult a Atlanta agent at (404) 977-5054 before contacting the city.

Get Potential Buyers to Take a Different Route

If you’re a homeowner who wants to sell your home, one way to deal with a run-down property in Atlanta is to keep buyers from seeing it. You certainly don’t want to lose a sale because there’s a less-than-desirable home nearby.

So what you can do is direct buyers who are coming to view your home to take a different route – one that keeps them from passing by and seeing the offending property. There is, of course, some risk involved, but it’s a strategy that may work if nothing else does.

Talk to Your Atlanta Agent

The great thing about working with an experienced local agent is that she will know the market inside and out and will know tactics and strategies that you aren’t aware of. Even if you don’t have any success in dealing with an offending property, your agent may very well know how to deal with it in another way. If, then, you’re a homeowner having to deal with run-down property in Atlanta, be sure to contact us today at (404) 977-5054.