3 Things Agents do When Selling Their Own Properties in Atlanta

It should come as no surprise that real estate professionals have their tricks of the trade and put them to good use on a regular basis. Make note of these 3 things agents do when selling their own properties in Atlanta to put your home’s sale on a surefire path to success.

Do Some Research

Out of everything that can be done to influence how easily your home sells, pricing your property realistically is far and away your best option. And that requires research, the same as agents do when selling their own properties in Atlanta or anywhere else.

Oftentimes, owners aren’t sure where to start on pricing their home, and they want to rely on an appraisal or their gut feeling to get them started on the open market. The reason this can lead to your property sitting on the market for longer than necessary is that pricing your home either too low or too high comes with major consequences. 

A high price will instantly cut your prospective buyer pool down considerably as most buyers look at listings within their budget while ignoring the rest. Pricing too low sets off red flags to those who are interested in your home. They are likely to think you’re hiding something and attempting to dump those festering issues on them if they decide to make an offer.

You can avoid both of these scenarios by carefully examining the closing prices on similar homes in your area within the last year or two. The homes that have sold more recently should carry more weight as those homes are selling under more current market conditions. Real estate professionals call these properties neighborhood comps (or neighborhood comparables). 

Using the prices of your neighborhood comps as a quick reference point you can then make a better-educated estimation of your home’s market value by incorporating its features and condition relative to those comps.

Get It Ready for Sale

Prepping your home for the market is more than cleaning, but a thorough deep clean is where this part begins. Getting into every little nook and cranny is essential, but decluttering every room is just as important and is something agents do when selling their own properties in Atlanta. 

Remove unneeded and bulky items from your home and put them in storage to better represent your home’s storage capacity to buyers. Emptying out closets and only putting back what’s absolutely required can fulfill this objective in a single day. Finally, take any family heirlooms or items of personal significance, such as photos, and put them in a secure storage space to depersonalize your house. You want anyone coming to view your home to focus on what they could do with the living space rather than feeling like they are intruding and being stared down by your family photos.

Spread the Word

Part of selling your home is edging out the competition by creating a great first impression, and that’s accomplished through your home’s listing. 

If you don’t consider yourself much of a photographer, it would be worth it to hire a real estate photographer to put together a professional set of photos that both highlight your home’s strengths and unique features while acting as a comprehensive tour of your home for anyone viewing them. Even agents hire other professionals when selling their own properties in Atlanta. 

Upping the game with a drone flyby video or a 3D tour does add that extra oomph, but neither of these is essential. Another way to help orientate anyone viewing your listing is to include a simple floor plan that delineates doors, windows, and room dimensions. 

With your listing in great shape, it’s time to push the message by sharing it through your chosen social media platforms. Share a post about your for sale home that has a link to the listing as well as a good establishing photo of your home through your account and any local groups that allow real estate posts. Ask your friends and family to share your post to get even more exposure.

More Tips on What Agents Do When Selling Their Own Properties in Atlanta

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