5 Ways to Get to Know Your New Neighbors in Atlanta

Living in these more socially distanced times can leave you feeling a little out of sorts when it comes to introducing yourself to the members of your new neighborhood. To attempt to make the process as simple as possible, let’s look at 5 ways to get to know your new neighbors in Atlanta.

The Traditional Housewarming Party

Throwing a housewarming party for more than just your normal group of friends can be a great opportunity to break the ice with your new neighbors. 

Having a simple get-together or dinner party allows you to mix your existing circle of friends with the new people from the neighborhood in a safe location. This helps to ease the awkwardness a bit and make introductions and mingling a whole lot more manageable. 

Providing a space for everyone to meet and then having a simple meal or snacks available creates the perfect situation to blend your familiar life with your new life.

Step Outside Your Four Walls

You might be surprised how many neighbors are willing to introduce themselves and strike up a conversation if you’re just outside of your home. 

Spending more time outdoors makes you accessible to your new neighbors and sends the signal that you’re open to meeting with them instead of hiding away indoors most of the time. Having just moved into your new home, consider this a good method for making substantial progress on any outdoor projects you may want to get out of the way before colder weather sets in. 

If you aren’t sitting on any outdoor projects or tasks that need doing, the same objective can be accomplished by going for a walk around the neighborhood regularly and being friendly with anyone you encounter along the way.

Take the Initiative

For some people these days, there’s a belief that leaving others alone is the best way to show respect, but it may require pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to start those new relationships. 

Instead of waiting for your new neighbors to come to you, take a little present of some kind along with you and knock on their doors. Introducing yourself with a small sort of peace offering indicates your eagerness to become part of the neighborhood’s community in an entirely non-threatening and pleasant manner. 

In the unlikely event that approaching their home isn’t received well, that clearly lets you know their boundaries but can still result in a positive conversation.

Be Inquisitive

Once you have that chance to talk to a neighbor, be sure to pick their brain. Perhaps ask them about the other members of the community and locations they prefer to go for shopping or entertainment. 

Another avenue is to ask them for advice about something on your property to gauge their response and see what they might recommend. If the neighbor has lived in the area for a while, they may be the gateway to getting to know many other neighbors and make that entire journey much faster. Any way to get a dialogue going is the first step to building relationships with those around you, and working toward a more united, secure neighborhood.

Get Involved

Besides just getting out and approaching your new neighbors, attending local clubs, events, and meetings is a spectacular way to meet your neighbors. Finding an activity that piques your interest and then attending could lead to you discovering you share some common interests with your neighbors and open doors that otherwise would have been left unknown. 

Something as simple as going to a city council meeting, library movie night, or other seasonal events might be all you need.

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