What to do About Unpermitted Repairs When Buying or Selling a House in Atlanta

There’s enough to worry about when moving forward with buying or selling a home, and the last thing anyone needs is unpermitted repairs causing issues or completely fumbling a deal. To give you some ideas on how to handle this potentially sticky situation, let’s go over what to do about unpermitted repairs when buying or selling a house in Atlanta.

Disclose Everything

First and foremost, whether you’re a buyer or seller, providing and getting all of the information on a property is an absolute must. 

When you’re selling a house in Atlanta, the last thing you want to do is tank your entire deal because you wanted to cover things up. Chances are, buyers can sense if things are being glossed over, and building trust with your opposite party is critical for making it to closing. By providing any disclosures of unpermitted repairs, a seller signals that they are acting in good faith and want to start things off on the right foot. 

It may seem counterintuitive to show any possible downsides to a property, but a seller can always find a way to spin that weakness into an opportunity for the right buyer.

Call in the Professionals

Besides making sure everything is communicated appropriately, a buyer or seller can provide peace of mind by using the services of an inspector specialized in the area of unpermitted repair. It might cost a pretty penny, but the added security provided by a licensed professional doing a thorough inspection of any questionable aspects of a home is a surefire way to assuage concerns when selling a house in Atlanta.

Sellers should also consider doing a mock walkthrough with someone to discuss the unpermitted repairs and see if the pretend buyer is aware of the situation. This is an instance where a quick roleplay session can help the seller better prepare for any concerns or questions before dealing with a real buyer.

A final possibility is to contact your local municipality and have a retroactive permit issued. This involves going through the usual process of obtaining a permit, but it is handled after the work has already been completed. While not ideal, there’s a chance this retroactive permit could alleviate any and all problems.

Bring It to the Table

Whether a repair was permitted or not, it can be a fair game going into the negotiation. If sellers feel everything has been covered thoroughly and can pass an inspection, an unpermitted repair could pose absolutely no threat to closing. 

However, buyers can certainly bring up these unpermitted repairs as a reason for reducing the price in preparation for having additional work done or indicating lingering doubts about completing the purchase of the property. In either case, it should be noted that either party needs to know that pushing too hard could make everything fall apart. 

Just understand that negotiation exists to try to give both parties the opportunity to walk away with something when buying or selling a house in Atlanta.

Go Back to the Drawing Board

Both buyers and sellers will sometimes feel stuck dealing with the opposing party, and it’s important to know when things just aren’t going to work out. 

When a buyer or seller feels that the other party is being unrealistic or entirely inflexible, the best option may be walking away from the deal entirely. Sellers can entertain other offers or push the marketing hard to generate additional interest, and buyers should always have a Plan B ready to go in case a property or seller isn’t what it originally appeared to be. 

Therefore, the biggest tip to keep in mind is to know your value as a buyer or seller and be ready and willing to try all over again until you get what you feel is fair.

Your Guide for Dealing With Unpermitted Repairs When Buying or Selling a House in Atlanta

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