3 Tips to Help You Sell a Duplex in Atlanta

Most sellers have their hands full with the traditional single-family home. So, getting a duplex ready for sale and then sold is a challenge for the resourceful and stalwart seller. The best way to get your property sale started off right is to study our 3 tips to help you sell a duplex in Atlanta.

Get It in Shape

To sell a duplex, just like selling any other property, things begin with getting the entire home sparkling from floor to ceiling. 

Deep cleaning every little bit of your duplex means also paying special attention to any common areas. Since these common areas are a unique feature that will appeal to and draw in specific buyers, it’s important to give them the same deep cleaning treatment. Be sure to clean out any cabinets and other large storage areas. Remember that buyers will be thoroughly examining every inch of the property, so take extra care to seek out and eliminate any bits of dust and dirt that could otherwise go overlooked.

The cleaning doesn’t stop with the interior, and maximizing your duplex’s curb appeal puts that bow on the entire package. 

Using a pressure washer to clean up the home’s siding, gutters, window exteriors, walkways, and driveways will handle the vast majority of this task. The rest comes down to taming any landscaping by trimming back hedges, putting down fresh mulch in planters and flower beds, and keeping the lawn trimmed.

Maintenance of all of this cleaning ends up being the key once everything is looking good. If you believe that taking care of either the interior or exterior could be an issue, consider hiring a cleaning or landscaping service. While it can be a sizable temporary cost, having a property that stands out against the competition means less work for you, a faster sale, and possibly additional leverage to push up the price during negotiation.

Don’t Forget the Individual Buyer

Perhaps you’re a property investor or just an individual that currently owns a duplex that was used as a multifamily or multigenerational home. 

Whatever the case, once your duplex is on the market you’re likely to be approached by a real estate investor looking to pick up the property and either turn it into rental units or flip it quickly. If you’re unfamiliar with investors, they will try to hit new listings rapidly with cash offers that allow the buyer to bypass any inspections or appraisals that are not required by law. 

However, if you are presented with an offer by an investor it is best to carefully consider every bit of that offer cautiously before you sell a duplex in Atlanta to one of them. If you are willing to focus on selling the two units to individual buyers, there’s a chance you could end up profiting more. So, don’t let yourself get bedazzled by a quick cash offer simply because it would be the easy way to sell a duplex in Atlanta without as much hassle.

Hire an Agent to Sell a Duplex

Even if you are a seasoned property investor, a qualified and experienced real estate agent can bring a lot to the table that will often lead to faster sales for more money. 

Their knowledge of the local market helps them price properties appropriately and they can provide suggestions to prepare the property that will generate more buyer interest and lead to a shorter sales period. Agents cultivate professional connections throughout their careers, and this could lead to having someone to call in if you need staging to make the home feel more lived in or photographs and a virtual tour to give your listing that extra punch. 

Finally, their cool head and eye for detail will help you sort through offers while getting the most during negotiation.

Guidance to Sell a Duplex in Atlanta

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