4 Tips on Moving to a New Atlanta Neighborhood

When shopping for your next home, the added layer of adventure that comes with establishing yourself in a new neighborhood can be exciting for some but challenging for others. Let’s get your new beginnings started on the right foot with our 4 tips for moving to a new Atlanta neighborhood:

Do Some Prep Work

Finding the right house is obviously a major hurdle in moving, but making sure that the right house exists in a location and social ecosystem that you can see yourself thriving in increases the difficulty of moving even further. 

Because you don’t want to find yourself living in an uncomfortable situation a year or two down the road, we recommend you get out and discover what the Atlanta neighborhood has to offer before going all in with an offer. The best way to accomplish this goal is to take walks around the neighborhood and pay attention to the sights and sounds of the area. This quickly gives you an idea of what to expect on an average day in that Atlanta neighborhood and could impact your feeling about the value of a property. You can expand your neighborhood research by looking into any crime statistics for the area. 

Finally, you’ll want to imagine how your normal day would happen, including any commute and running errands. Use all of this information to inform any future decisions on the homes in which you are interested.

Handle the Essentials

After you have decided on a property and are headed for closing, it’s time to make some phone calls and get everything set up that you’ll need as soon as you move in. 

Contact your local electrical and water utilities, waste management company, and TV and internet service provider to have all of your normal utilities ready to go on day one. Along with your new home’s utilities, it’s important to contact the post office and fill out a change of address form. 

All too often, buyers will discover they failed to have their mail and package deliveries heading to their old residence when a quick and simple form would have saved them time and confusion.

Make Yourself Available

When it comes to meeting your new neighbors, there’s the easy and overlooked action of spending time outside. 

Chances are you’ll have tasks that need to be completed on the landscaping or exterior of your home. Therefore, spending time outside taking care of those tasks gives your neighbors the perfect opportunity to check in and say hello. If you’re without anything to take care of outside, going for walks around the Atlanta neighborhood or taking the initiative to stop by your immediate neighbors to introduce yourself can achieve the same result.

Get Involved

As you settle into your new home, you’ll acquire a greater feel for the neighborhood and what is happening regularly. 

Be sure to put yourself out there and attend any neighborhood activity, like block parties or possibly even homeowners association meetings. This provides a natural space to meet your new neighbors and forge basic relationships that can prove helpful in the future. The same can be managed by attending events and meetings in your local community, like community theater productions, fairs or carnivals, or even fundraisers.

Many things require your attention when moving into a new home, and having to fret over the new social dynamics that come along with your new living situation doesn’t have to be a major burden. It can even be fun!

Guidance to Your New Atlanta Neighborhood

If you’re looking to move into a new Atlanta neighborhood and want some expert guidance on getting settled, contact us today at (404) 977-5054!