3 Important Things to Look for When Buying Multi-Generational Housing in Atlanta

Tips For Buying Atlanta Multi-Generational Housing

Today, more people than ever are living in multi-generational homes. There are plenty of good reasons for this, not least of which are built-in childcare and shared expenses. But there are drawbacks, too. And if your multi-generational housing isn’t suited for the purpose, living under one roof with other generations can lead to not a little friction. Read on, then, to discover the 3 important things to look for when buying multi-generational housing in Atlanta.

1. Important Primary Considerations

Buying multi-generational housing in Atlanta just “isn’t the same as buying a house solo – or even one for your kids and spouse. With older residents in the picture, accessibility, location, layout, and other features become more important than ever.”

Here, then, are the important primary considerations when you’re looking at multi-generational housing . . . 

  • Accessibility – “The top accessibility features are grab bars in the bathroom, widened doorways for walkers and wheelchairs, entrance ramps, and lower sinks and counters. Though it might be hard to find a house that already has all these, you can at least look for a property with the bones to customize appropriately.”
  • Proximity to Health and Wellness Facilities – When you have older generations living in the home with you, easy access to health facilities becomes an important concern. That means that “a very rural, remote property probably isn’t best. Look for a home that’s close to a local hospital or emergency room, and one that has quick access to emergency services and 911.”
  • Open Floor Plan/Layout – “You don’t want anything winding or cramped. If your loved one needs a wheelchair, walker, or just has mobility problems, the more open the space is, the better.”

2. Plenty of Room

One of the very important things to look for when buying multi-generational housing in Atlanta is plenty of room.

“When there’s more than one generation living under the same roof, you’ll need to offer enough space and privacy for everyone. How do you ensure that no one feels totally suffocated? Make sure that for each generation in a home, there is at least one dedicated living space. So, say your parents live with you and your children. Multi-generational homes that include a family room, a den, and a playroom [offer] a little breathing room and a place to relax.”

On a related note, make sure that all the space in a multi-generational home can be utilized and optimized. This will ensure that there’s no wasted space and that everyone will have plenty of room. Would you, for example, be able to convert “some of the less-utilized areas of the home, such as the attic, the basement, or over the garage? Rethink each room’s purpose and convert storage spaces into comfy living spaces instead. You can always find other places to store your things and everyone will be happier when they can spread out.”

Not only do you need plenty of room in multi-general housing, but, as we mentioned, it’s ideal when each generation in the home has its own dedicated living space. “A private bedroom and bathroom suite for grandparents and parents and a jack-and-jill bathroom for kids can reduce some of the pressure on the busiest rooms in the home.”

If you’re not building the home, it’s a good idea to work closely with your Atlanta agent to find a home that checks these boxes. Just call (404) 977-5054 to find out more.

3. Privacy

In addition to room, multi-generational housing in Atlanta or anywhere else needs to afford privacy. This included, of course, the dedicated living spaces we mentioned above, but there’s still more to it.

The overall layout of the home comes into play here. “Make sure,” industry pros say, “you choose a layout that gives family members sufficient individual space. For many, the ideal multi-generational house includes different living quarters and more than one family space. A large enough kitchen to hold every family’s groceries is also a great addition. You will also want to consider the parking situation.”

An important multi-generational housing consideration in this regard is having separate entrances to the home. Consider how each generation will “actually enter the home. If there’s not a lot of overlap in schedules (early risers leaving for school versus night owls coming in late), it might be best to [have] separate entrances. Not only will this reduce traffic and chaos throughout the day, but it can provide your family with a sense of autonomy. Sure, living together ensures plenty of quality time. But being able to separate some of the coming and going can help each generation feel more independent.”

One More Thing Needed for Multi-generational Housing

As should be apparent by now, shopping for and selecting multi-generational housing will be more difficult because there are some things to look for that just aren’t offered in many homes. And that’s where your experienced Atlanta agent can be an invaluable asset. Your local agent can save you a lot of time and effort by directing you to those homes that meet your specific multi-generational needs. So if you’re looking to buy multi-generational housing in Atlanta, be sure to contact us today at (404) 977-5054.