5 Things Homeowners Can Do to Get the Best Price for Their Properties in Atlanta

5 Things Homeowners Can Do to Get the Best Price for Their Properties in Atlanta

Homeowners all have one thing in common when they decide to sell: they want to get the best price for their properties that they can. The problem, though, is that they often fail to use the strategies that will help them achieve that goal, and they sometimes do things that are actually counterproductive. It takes a lot more than just setting a high price and hoping you can come close to at sale time. To help you out, then, here are 5 things homeowners can do to get the best price for their properties in Atlanta.

1. Price Competitively

Pricing right – that is, pricing competitively – is often said to be the most effective marketing tool for Atlanta homeowners who want to get the best price for their properties. And it very well may be – but it can be a tough job to get it right.

Pricing your property right means, primarily, setting your emotions aside and pricing according to market value. A lot of sellers think their property is worth more than it really is and price it too high, which will put buyers off. Others price too low thinking they can negotiate a better price once they’ve got some buyers interested. 

Your best pricing tool, then, is a comparative market analysis performed by an experienced local agent. “You want to make the most money, but also attract buyers and sell your home quickly. This step is where a good agent is essential. Having your agent complete a comparative market analysis (CMA)will show you what similar properties in the area have sold for recently” and will give you an accurate idea of market value for competitive pricing. To discover more, contact a Atlanta agent at (404) 977-5054.

2. Make the Essential Repairs

Homeowners who want to get the best price for their properties in Atlanta should make essential repairs, but eschew costly major renovations that won’t yield a good return on the investment. And this should probably begin with sellers having their own inspection done to find out what needs attention, what repairs to make.

Industry pros recommend that “homeowners get an inspection before listing because it can help preempt potential negotiation points for buyers. Being able to make necessary repairs in advance can also expedite the closing process.” The result is often a better price at sale time.

3. Work on the Curb Appeal

Homeowners seeking to get the best price for their properties in Atlanta have to make a great first impression. And that critical first impression begins with curb appeal. It’s important because curb appeal makes buyers want to go inside and see more.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression, and making inexpensive cosmetic improvements to the outside of your home can have an outsize impact. Curb appeal is so important when selling a home.” Enhancing curb appeal adds perceived value, which often means a better price.

4. Negotiate the Best Offer

Then, of course, homeowners need to negotiate the best price for their properties, as well as negotiating the best offer, which goes beyond mere price. Most sellers will need to lean on their agent’s expertise here.

“As a seller, the best way to negotiate for a better offer is to have multiple bidders on your property. Then you can have your real estate agent reach out to the prospective buyers, let them know there are multiple bids, and ask for their best and final offers. It’s also important to understand that the highest offer price may not always be the best deal. As a seller, you should pay attention to the contingencies that are included in the offer. Contingencies protect the buyer by allowing them to back out of the deal under specific circumstances.”

To find out more about negotiating the best offer, consult a Atlanta agent at (404) 977-5054.

5. Work With a Local Atlanta Agent

As we’ve indicated throughout, one of the best things homeowners can do to get the best price for their properties is to work with an experienced local agent.

“The average homeowner may buy or sell a house only a few times in their lifetime. So unless you’re a real estate professional or investor, you’ll likely benefit from professional help and guidance to get the most out of your home’s sale. And with changes happening much faster than normal, it’s even more important to work with someone who has their finger on the pulse of a given community’s real estate market.”

A good agent is more than just a real estate professional who can find buyers and draw up contracts. The right agent is more like a partner and coach who guide you in making better selling decisions that can result in a better price. So if you’re one of the homeowners who want to get the best price for their properties in Atlanta, contact us today at (404) 977-5054.