5 Things You Should Know About Selling Your House Online in Atlanta

Selling a house on an online real estate site may seem easy at first glance; just snap a few pictures, create a listing, and wait for the offers to come rolling in. The reality is that the process is much more complicated than that. With a competitive market, your listing needs to stand out from the crowd. If you’d like to learn more, read on as we explore five things you should know about selling your house online in Atlanta.

Selecting a Platform

When selling your house online in Atlanta, you’ll want to select an online site to list that is most popular with buyers looking for your type of house, one that has a good reputation. An experienced real estate agent like those at Big Ron Property Solutions has access to data and insights that can help you make an informed decision and can help you easily narrow down quality sites to reach your target buyers.

Detailed Listing Data

Be sure to include information highlighting your house’s best features in your description when selling your house online in Atlanta. Fill in as many property details as possible; lacking this data could quickly eliminate your listing from search results. The professional real estate agents at Big Ron Property Solutions understand that creating a listing on a site is only the beginning of your marketing efforts, like using other promotional methods to attract potential buyers. 


Photos are powerful when selling your house online in Atlanta, and 360-degree drone footage is even more so. Hiring a professional is best for the high-quality media required to stand out on online listing sites because quality matters. In addition, you have mere fractions of a second to catch the attention of tech-savvy buyers who scroll through listings at lightning speeds. One powerful marketing technique that has proven to increase the final sales price, an average of about 5 to 10 percent, is hiring a professional to stage the property, which, depending on several factors, can speed the sale up to as much as 73 percent faster. 

Competitive Price

Once you’ve caught their attention with the curb appeal, it’s time for your potential buyers to see just how much home they’re getting for the price; however, if you’ve overpriced, you’re missing out on your potential buyer pool when selling your house online in Atlanta. Likewise, underpricing will leave your property out of most search results for these buyers, where it truly belongs. One consequence of missing the mark with the initial asking price is the days that have added up on the market and the pricing history since the property was listed. Lingering listings tend to sell for much less than the actual market value. Working with trusted real estate agents like those at Big Ron Property Solutions helps buyers pinpoint their current market value and determine a competitive price.


Responsiveness matters when you’re selling your house online in Atlanta. Suppose you’ve dealt with a poor communicator when conducting important business, one who doesn’t return calls, for example. It’s easy to understand how vital keeping open lines of communication is, especially if you have a buyer on the line. You must answer promptly to help make the property easily accessible to potential buyers to achieve your goal of selling for the highest possible profit. Additionally, you’ll need to handle the legalities of disclosure requirements. Negotiating with interested parties can also be challenging.

Selling your house online in Atlanta with the highly-seasoned real estate agents at Big Ron Property Solutions is the best way to sell quickly for the highest price and avoid the headaches of administrative tasks involved in closing the sale. Contact Big Ron Property Solutions at (404) 977-5054.