5 Things You Should do Before Selling Your House in Atlanta

Taking the time and effort to prepare your property before putting your home’s listing out in the wild will make every remaining step of the sales process that much easier. With the goal of making your home the talk of the town, let’s go over 5 things you should do before selling your house in Atlanta

The Three Ds

Getting your home ready for the market begins with deep cleaning everything from floor to ceiling. This is the time to move all of the furniture out of the way, reach for that inconvenient corner in a cabinet, and make every square inch of your home sparkle. 

Next, we declutter every room by removing unnecessary items and furniture that could impede traffic flow. Decluttering closets and storage spaces is essential in order to show buyers that there is enough storage available and it’s easy to keep organized.

Last, we need to depersonalize your home by taking out any family heirlooms or photographs. By eliminating these belongings you are clearing out any distractions for buyers and helping to create a more welcoming environment rather than making them feel like invaders in someone else’s territory.

Taking some time here will go a long way toward selling your house in Atlanta quickly.

Maximize Curb Appeal

Once the indoors is sorted, turning your attention to the exterior of your home will put a bow on the whole package. 

You want interested parties to arrive at your home and create an amazing first impression with a well-manicured lawn and home exterior. Use a pressure washer to thoroughly clean your home’s siding, gutters, and even the roof if it’s needed. Pressure washing your driveway and any walkways also add that extra layer of clean charm. 

Keep your lawn mowed and maintain any flower beds and planters with fresh mulch. A little bit of work in the yard can make a world of difference when selling your house.

Consider Repairs

If you’re aware of aspects of your home that could be needing repairs, consider taking on the more manageable projects yourself. 

In the event that there are larger projects remaining, it could be worth getting an estimate from a contractor. That way, if a buyer brings up concerns in negotiation, you are prepared and could possibly offer a price reduction as a bargaining chip. Knowing that you’re trying to sell a fixer-upper doesn’t have to doom your home’s sale and could actually appeal to a certain type of buyer. 

The most important thing to remember when selling a home in need of a little TLC is to be honest about its condition.

Hire an Agent

There are a few other things you can do to help out your goal of selling your house in Atlanta quite like hiring the services of a qualified and experienced real estate agent. 

Take your time searching for your agent by meeting with at least three agents. Discuss your home’s unique attributes, its strengths, and then see how each agent would market your home. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and then decide which agent seems to have your best interests at heart. 

Your agent’s working knowledge of the local market will be indispensable from pricing your home at the outset all the way until the day of closing.

Mock Walkthrough

With all of the other blocks in place, bring in an independent third party to do a mock walkthrough of your home. 

Let them search high and low for any concerning areas while asking questions and you’ll have a good idea of any changes that may need to be made prior to attracting the attention of the buying public. This is a stupendous opportunity to get feedback that allows you to make up for any shortcomings while also preparing for potential issues that could surface later on.

Your Partner When Selling Your House in Atlanta

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