Different Agent Strategies For Selling Houses In Atlanta

If you ask for advice on house-selling strategies, you are likely to get responses that are all over the board, from sound to thoroughly silly. As they say, everyone has an opinion. Top-selling agents, though, are fairly well in agreement on the most effective strategies, and a lot of it has to do with marketing. So let’s take a look at some different agent strategies for selling houses in Atlanta.

Preparing Prior to Listing

One of the most effective strategies for selling houses in Atlanta is simply making sure the house is ready before listing. This means first of all taking care of curb appeal, decluttering, concentrating on the kitchen and bathrooms, and eliminating odors. It will also entail making your house appear as a clean slate or blank canvas so that buyers can envision your house as their home. You will need, then, to remove all objects that mark the home as specifically yours and then decorate and paint in neutral colors and hues. It’s also a good idea to hire a professional stager.

Pricing Strategically

This one is at the top of the list of strategies for selling houses in Atlanta. You can’t price too high, and you can’t price too low. If the price is too low, buyers will automatically think something is wrong with the house. If you price too high, it may not sell very quickly, and then when it sits on the market, buyers will again think something is wrong with it.

So the trick is to price strategically. After your agent performs a comparative analysis, you’ll have a good idea of the fair market value of your home. And that means you will also know the price range within which if falls. Strategic pricing means pricing somewhere within that range so that the price is neither too high nor too low and so that you’ll have some wiggle room. (To find out more about this, call (404) 977-5054.)

Using Professional Photography

Today, high-quality listing photos are an absolute must. Most house shoppers begin their search online and so rely on the listing photos to get a sense of your house. Experts recommend that listings for all houses, no matter the price point, should rely on professional photography. Whether these photos appear on online listing sites or social media channels, in print brochures or classified ads, they need to be professionally done because the listing photos either draw people in or turn them away.

Concentrating on Online Marketing

Online marketing is key today as a strategy for selling houses in Atlanta. It has the widest reach for the marketing dollar, and, as we mentioned, most people begin their search online – some never even viewing the actual house until the very last stage. Good agents are adept at creative online marketing and know the best online venues for your particular house.

Not Neglecting Print Marketing

Online marketing is certainly critical, but when it comes to real estate, print marketing is far from dead.  Just think of all those people born long before the Internet age who still prefer print over digital. And, again, quality, professional photography is crucial here because this print marketing will include colorful, image-rich brochures that rely on quality visuals as a selling point.

These different agent strategies for selling houses in Atlanta will help you sell quicker and at a  better price. But there is a lot more to it, especially when the competition is keen. And don’t forget that key ingredient of negotiating skill.

A good agent can help you with these and more selling strategies. To find out how just contact us today. (404) 977-5054