Small Things That Will Help You Sell Your House Faster In Atlanta

When it’s time to sell, who doesn’t want to sell their house fast? And home buyers are always looking for the best deal possible – not necessarily the cheapest home, but what seems to them the best value. So whatever you can do to increase the perceived value or your house, you should probably do even if it seems too small to matter. For even the small details can make your house sell faster and for more. Here, then are some small things that will help you sell your house faster in Atlanta.

Upgrading Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

When we live in a house for any length of time, we grow accustomed to what is there and don’t even notice it anymore. So it probably never struck you that your house has the same worn light fixtures and ceiling fans as almost every other home in the neighborhood. So a good way to sell your house faster in Atlanta by making it stand out is to replace light fixtures and ceiling fans. It doesn’t really cost a lot, but it makes your house look more expensive so that it has greater perceived value for buyers.

Updating Everything Feasible in the Bathroom

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are probably the most important rooms for buyers, especially the master bath. So among the small things that will help you sell your Atlanta house faster is updating whatever is feasible in the bathrooms. Bathroom lavatory faucets can be updated for just $10 to $20, but it still gives the bathroom a brighter look and feel. Other small updates would include new toilet paper holders, new towel bars, and new toilet seats.

Repairing and Painting Walls

The walls in every house will need some attention. There will always be holes from hanging pictures, dents, and dings from kids, and scuffs and scratches. And you don’t have to repaint all the interior walls to take care of this. Just fill the holes and repaint walls that are in the worst shape, as well as the trim if it needs it. A little money and little more time to make the walls look great will help you sell your house faster in Atlanta.

Working on Curb Appeal To Sell Your House

Curb appeal is basically just what your house looks like on the outside, from the curb. It is hugely important because you have only one and unrepeatable opportunity to make a great first impression on prospective buyers. What buyers see when they first pull up for a viewing can also help sell your house faster in Atlanta. Here are just some of the things you can do to enhance curb appeal:

  • Repaint the front entry door
  • Mow and rake fallen leaves
  • Trim bushes and hedges
  • Plant flowers
  • Lay down new mulch in beds
  • Update outdoor light fixtures
  • Repaint trim and fascia board
  • Clean gutters

These are all small things really, but they can make a huge difference in perceived value and the speed of a home sale.

Getting your house ready for listing and showing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The fact is there are a lot of small things that will help you sell your house faster in Atlanta. Making a great first impression is immensely important for converting a potential buyer into an actual buyer, and right behind that is enhancing your home’s perceived value. For more ideas, contact us today! (404) 977-5054