How to Protect Your Personal Belongings During Property Showings in Atlanta

At some point in the home sale journey, each and every home seller has to deal with the worry that some of their property could go missing once interested parties show up for open houses and private showings. Let’s get a headstart on eliminating that anxiety by covering how to protect your personal belongings during property showings in Atlanta:


When getting your home ready for the open market, we suggest carefully going through a process called depersonalization. 

Depersonalization is the act of removing any highly sentimental objects from your home, such as family photos, jewelry, and heirlooms. These items can be stored carefully on-site, or you can pack them away in a storage facility for safekeeping.

Protecting both your personal belongings as well as your privacy is something that can help reduce your stress while selling your house. The benefits provided by depersonalizing your home are more than security during property showings, as this helps to create a more welcoming environment for your average homebuyer. Instead of feeling like they are intruding on someone else’s territory, they can better focus on how they would utilize your home’s available space. 

Make sure you complete this prior to taking photos for your listing since those photos could provide less upstanding citizens with reasons to visit your home.

Create Simple Barriers

Another step that you can take to ensure your personal effects are left untouched during Atlantais to just make them harder to access. 

More valuable things should be locked away, but even the simple act of not putting anything of value in your top dresser drawers can be all it takes. Additionally, any electronics should be both password protected and shut down. If you’re concerned that’s not enough to deter someone from attempting to access them, unplug them from their power source. 

Whatever little steps you can add that would be required in order for someone to get into a chest of drawers or laptop stack up to prevent them from trying at all.

Keep Your Eyes Open

In preparation for property showings, do your own walkthrough of your home while keeping an eye out for any weak spots in the security you have set up. 

Minimizing the number of access points transitioning from indoors to outdoors helps to control the flow of traffic while increasing security. If you think you can blend in without being awkward, there’s the option of attending your own open house. However, we normally suggest leaving the operation and security of your open houses up to your agent. 

Always walk through your property after any showing or open house to make sure all doors and windows are locked and discover if something has gone missing sooner rather than later.

Consult a Professional

The advice of a qualified and experienced real estate agent can go a long way in any aspect of selling your home, and the security of your belongings is no exception. 

Ask your agent if they have any tried and tested recommendations and you might be surprised what other creative methods they have for securing your personal possessions during property showings. Your agent’s years of experience and familiarity with the local market and its demographics can help you with every little piece of your home’s sale, including securing your items. 

Go over any and all of your security concerns with your agent and they will do whatever in their power to help make showings and open houses both riskless and successful.

Advice for Protecting Your Belongings During Property Showings in Atlanta

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