3 Reasons Why Investors Need to Partner With the Right Atlanta Agent

Partnering with the right agent can be a boon for investors. Some investors, though, are reluctant to partner with an agent because they’ve been burned in the past or simply want to save the money they’d spend on commissions and fees. Real estate investors can reap many benefits by partnering with an agent, but that agent partner has to be the right agent. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why investors need to partner with the right Atlanta agent.

1. Deep and Broad Market Knowledge

A top reason why investors need to partner with the right Atlanta agent is the agent’s market knowledge. Because of that knowledge, a good agent can help guide you toward money-making investment opportunities in your market.

For example, when you decide on a certain property, your agent can help you make the right purchasing decision. She will have a solid understanding of current market trends such as unemployment rates and inflation and how they will impact the profit potential of that property. Without the benefit of an agent’s market knowledge, an investor is more susceptible to poor investment decisions.

Similarly, investors need to partner with a great agent because the agent will understand where the market is headed in the future. Your agent can help you take advantage of these trends by guiding you toward properties that are likely to see an increase in market value, thus allowing you to realize a better return on your investment in a shorter amount of time.

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2. Network Benefits and Access to Off-Market Listings

Also, investors need to partner with the right Atlanta agent because doing so allows them to benefit from the agent’s network, and they get access to off-market listings.

A good agent, owing to her broad professional network, can connect you with professionals who will help you make the most of your investment. A good agent will have quick and ready access to all the professionals you’ll need – real estate attorneys, inspectors, appraisers, mortgage professionals, and so on – all the people who can provide the critical information and guidance you’ll need to make the best investment decisions.

In addition, if you partner with the right [market_xcity] agent, you will get access to off-market listings, properties that are listed exclusively. With such listings, you’ll be able to get in ahead of the competition and get a better deal. Most investors don’t have access to these listings, which puts them at a disadvantage. So to get better purchase prices, investors need to partner with the right agent and build a solid relationship with that agent.

3. A Keen Eye for Problems and Opportunities

Finally, investors need to partner with the right Atlanta agent because they can then benefit from the agent’s keen and experienced eye.

A good agent can spot problems with and flaws in a potential property that you might miss or not even think to notice on your own. The agent can then advise you on how to deal with these problems or whether to pass on the property altogether. You don’t want to buy a property that will wind up costing you tons of money on, say, mold abatement or roof repairs.

A good agent will also have a keen eye not just for problems, but for opportunities as well. Suppose, for example, that you’re considering a particular property with the intention of reselling. A good agent (owing in large part to the market knowledge we mentioned earlier) can advise you on the renovations you’ll need to make in order to increase the property’s market value. Your agent will also understand your exact target market, knowing how to attract and market to the right people.

Where to Find the Right Atlanta Agent

So, yes, investors need to partner with the right Atlanta agent. But where to you find such an agent? You could, of course, spend hours and hours researching potential agents and then spend many more hours interviewing them – or you could take an easier and better route. And that is to go straight to a premier agency known for its experienced investment property agents. So now that you know that investors need to partner with the right Atlanta agent, why not contact us today at (404) 977-5054?