4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prepare Your House for the MLS in Atlanta

The multiple listing service (MLS) is an important tool for anyone who wants to sell a home. It is (or, rather, they are, for there are multiple MLSs) a huge database established by cooperating real estate brokers to provide data about for-sale properties. In fact, the MLS is almost a necessity for sellers. But you need to get your home ready before it is listed on the MLS. So read on for 4 things you can do right now to prepare your house for the MLS in Atlanta.

1. Declutter and Deep Clean

To prepare your house for the MLS in Atlanta, as with any other undertaking, you should do first things first, doing the basic fundamentals first. And for preparing your house, that means decluttering and deep cleaning before doing anything else.

Begin by getting all that unnecessary stuff out of your house. Of course, clutter is unattractive and can be offputting for buyers. More important, though, clearing out the clutter can make your home look much more spacious and roomier –  a big selling point. In fact, experts recommend that you remove 50% of the items in your home.

And during the decluttering process, don’t just shove all that junk into closets and cabinets. You can bet that buyers will look into all these spaces. If they see all that stuff in there, they’ll be less inclined to view your home favorably.

It may be a good, idea, then to rent a storage unit where you can store the items you don’t want to get rid of. You can also contact a Atlanta agent at (404) 977-5054 for more tips on effective decluttering.

After decluttering, the next basic step to prepare your house for the MLS is a thorough deep cleaning. And you’ll need to clean everything – flooring, furniture, walls, fixtures, cabinets, and so on. You may want to hire a cleaning service to do the job. It’s not very costly – typically under $200 – and the professionals will likely do a better job than you can.

2. Depersonalize

After decluttering and cleaning, you need to think about how you can depersonalize in order to prepare your house for the MLS in Atlanta. 

Depersonalizing your home will go a long way toward helping buyers fall in love with it. It will help potential buyers to imagine all their belongings arranged in your home and themselves living in it. Basically, it will allow buyers to envision your house as their home – something they can’t do if your life and personality are apparent everywhere/

To depersonalize effectively, remove all personal items – family photos, souvenirs, quirky art, diplomas/certificates. CDs and DVDs, religious symbols, and the like. You don’t want buyers to get the feeling that they are intruding on your space. Rather, they should see it as a space they can make their own.

3. Paint Where Needed

When those basics are out of the way, it’s time to apply a little paint, especially where it’s needed the most, to prepare your house. A fresh coat of paint on interior walls can make a home feel new and appear brighter and more inviting.

Painting is in fact commonly suggested by agents. For it can make rooms seem larger and highlight architectural details and other features. Just make sure to avoid bright, bold, or quirky colors. Instead, opt for neutral colors, such as cream, beige, or gray.

And painting is something you can probably do yourself. It’s fairly inexpensive and just requires a little time and elbow grease. You can, of course, hire professional painters, but it will cost you hundreds more.

4. Stage It

Finally, one of the best things you can do to prepare your house for the MLS is to stage it to help create that critical great first impression. In fact, staged homes, on average, sell 88% faster and for 20% more than unstaged homes.

And you don’t really need to stage the entire home. You can concentrate on only those rooms that buyers concentrate on the most. Buyers will be mostly focused on the kitchen, bathroom(s), and living room. So there’s where you can concentrate your staging efforts and money.

And don’t forget that staging also includes the outside, the exterior of your home, for great curb appeal. This will do more than anything to create a great first impression when buyers pull up to your home for a viewing. It can in fact add up to 17% to your home’s value.

And Get Assistance From Your Atlanta Agent

What we’ve presented here are definitely some good ways to prepare your house, but there’s probably a lot more you should do. And a Atlanta agent can provide the tips and guidance you need. So when you’re ready to sell and want to prepare your house for the MLS in Atlanta, contact us today at (404) 977-5054.