5 Homebuyer Mistakes We Often See in Atlanta

Professional real estate agents have extensive experience navigating the home-buying process and are all too familiar with the most common homebuyer mistakes. For example, home buyers who make these mistakes may face extensive unexpected repairs or learn they’ve overpaid, meaning they’re paying more for the mortgage than they should be and have less equity available to pull out of the home if needed. They may also experience difficulty selling down the road and recouping the investment.

Neglecting to perform due diligence before signing a contract can have devastating financial, legal, or personal consequences. To help, we’ve gathered their expertise to guide buyers and help them avoid these pitfalls. Read on as we explore five homebuyer mistakes we often see in Atlanta.

Window Shopping

The first in our list of homebuyer mistakes we often see in Atlanta is not going window shopping before you’re ready to buy. Looking at properties can help you understand what you want in your home and what you can afford. However, you must remember that you are only looking so you don’t get your heart set on a property that may sell before you buy. At Big Ron Property Solutions, our real estate agents 

No Pre-Approval

Among the top homebuyer mistakes we often see in Atlanta are buyers who bypass a pre-approval, only to learn their dream home is out of their budget. Pre-approval provides buyers with an accurate financial picture. In addition, sellers often consider multiple offers, so another benefit of going through the pre-approval process is the impression it makes; they will know you’re serious. 

Must Haves

A lack of focus on what features and amenities will best meet their needs is another of the homebuyer mistakes we often see in Atlanta. However, by focusing on your priorities and clearly understanding your expectations from your next home, you can zero in on properties best suited to your needs. For example, more buyers are looking for remote work or school space and larger backyards with more recreational features for a home-centered lifestyle.

Rushing the Process

Yet another of the homebuyer mistakes we often see in Atlanta is hurrying the process. While your excitement is understandable, comparing and exploring all available options is vital. Slowing down and taking your time will help ensure you’ll be happy in your new home for years.

Emotional Decisions

And lastly, among the homebuyer mistakes we often see in Atlanta are buyers who decide based on their gut instinct or a good feeling about the property. Due diligence means taking steps to verify the soundness of the structure and understand the potential for the property to hold its value and increase in value over time. 

When making such a significant investment, it’s advisable to seek the input of experts, like the real estate agents at Big Ron Property Solutions. Working with top professional real estate agents like those at Big Ron Property Solutions gives you access to the best houses available on the Atlanta real estate market while avoiding costly, time-consuming, and possible legal issues arising from these common homebuyer mistakes. At Big Ron Property Solutions, our real estate agents stay on top of the market factors that influence property values, with a mid and long-term overview of all the aspects of a property that add up to the property appreciating over time, increasing your equity.

The highly seasoned agents at Big Ron Property Solutions can help you pinpoint your priorities and target the perfect home. And don’t forget to ask about the current inventory at Big Ron Property Solutions of the best homes available in Atlanta, and let us help you get started. Our goal is to help you find a great deal. Contact Big Ron Property Solutions at (404) 977-5054.