3 Tips to Help You Find Profitable Multi-Family Properties in Atlanta

Establishing and continuing to maintain a profitable investment portfolio is a tricky job, even for those of us with a critical eye and superb multi-tasking capabilities. Let’s try to make your portfolio’s continued growth a bit easier by going over 3 tips to help you find profitable multi-family properties in Atlanta.

Get Investigating

Every buyer looking to purchase a property needs to do some digging before getting too attached or putting in an offer, but you’re searching for more than the average buyer. 

Because this is a business venture and not a property in which you are planning to reside, you need to think about the entire transaction from that perspective and understand how to target the right buyers or tenants. Researching the closing prices of similar properties in the area is an immediate way to discover if other buildings on the market are priced realistically. When looking into this you’ll also want to consider other aspects, such as the building’s condition and location. 

It can be very easy to lose sight of what you can accomplish with a given property if all you’re looking at is the pricing data, so be sure to keep an eye on the bigger picture in order to find profitable multi-family properties in Atlanta.

Next, you want to be sure to get your hands on some important documentation that will assist you in making decisions moving forward. Requesting – and hopefully obtaining – documents like current rent rolls, utility bills, copies of leases, maintenance logs, and even the seller’s tax returns, if possible, can help you determine if you’re looking at potentially profitable multi-family properties in Atlanta. Every extra bit of information provided to you at the beginning of this process aids you in making informed decisions for both yourself and any current or future tenants.

Remember Your Goals

After receiving any requested documentation, you can start to take everything into account to determine if the targeted property is worth your time and money. 

Seeing maintenance logs can go a long way to understanding how easy it would be to adapt the property to better target your preferred tenant demographic and may send any proposed marketing strategies back to the drawing board. For instance, if you’re looking to bring in younger tenants or renters, having low-cost, high-utility units with an open space for communal gatherings will be attractive by encouraging a greater sense of individual stability and community. 

Really think about who you’re wanting to cater to with your new property and brainstorm ways to shift the look and feel of a specific property in order to appeal to that demographic’s sense of belonging and identity. These little amenities can really mark the difference between just another apartment building and profitable multi-family properties in Atlanta.

Assemble Your Team

As time goes on and you have built up a sizable portfolio, it could be time to bring in some help to keep things running smoothly. The two heavy-hitters to recruit here would be an agent with experience working alongside a property investor and an accountant. 

The agent can alleviate stress by searching for worthwhile buildings that could quickly become a new revenue stream. Your accountant provides the benefits of crunching the numbers on any prospective purchases and handling the operational finances to keep everything above board. 

You’ll often find a split between investors who prefer to work alone and keep things steady but smaller and investors who are ready to take things to the next level by hiring a team to increase their overall capabilities exponentially. Even if you’re the sort of investor that would consider yourself part of that first group, it’s worth interviewing some real estate and finance professionals to think about how much building out a team could help you out now as well as into the future.

Your Partner in Finding Profitable Multi-Family Properties in Atlanta

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