5 Energy Saving Tips to Help You Save Money This Winter in Atlanta

It’s no secret that energy costs go up substantially during the winter months, and any way to save on your energy bills will add up quickly. Let’s figure out how to slash those cumulative energy costs over the next few months by covering 5 energy-saving tips to help you save money this winter in Atlanta.

Seal the Leaks

One of the biggest ways your home loses heat and requires more energy to keep it heated is through simple leaks. 

To save money this winter, check your basement for any cracks or other potential problem areas where heat is escaping and seal them up with a can or two of foam insulation. Take care to follow any directions and warnings when handling cans of foam insulation. 

Next, removing old weatherstripping around doorways and replacing it with a fresh layer is sure to help you save money this winter in Atlanta. The same can be done with windows, but another step takes things to another level. Purchase some thin plastic sheeting that can be cut to fit any windows and then adhere it to the window using either silicone caulk or weatherstripping tape. The layer of plastic is a great barrier to reduce heat absorption through the window to your home’s exterior.

Train Your Thermostat

Time and again, you’ll see power companies offering smart thermostats at a reduced price with the intention of reducing your energy costs, and they can certainly live up to that goal if utilized appropriately. The goal here is to adjust your thermostat to a tolerable temperature while you are home and then reduce the temperature while you are away or asleep. 

Keep in mind that if you own any pets, you will need to maintain a temperature that is suitable for them. However, if you can cut your thermostat’s usual temperature substantially, you’ll see that reflected in your power bill, and you will save money this winter.

Embrace the Sun

A rather straightforward idea, keeping your window blinds open when it is sunny outside will allow the sun to do a little bit of the heavy lifting in heating your home. This works especially well if you have any south-facing windows. Once the sun starts to go down, it’s time to close those blinds in order to keep as much heat as possible from escaping. If you don’t, your windows will suck up bits of that heat and radiate them to the outdoors.

Celebrate Economically

Everybody loves to see a festive neighborhood, but all of those lights and other decorations add up to higher utility bills. While the only way to eliminate the costs is to eliminate the decor, you can purchase more energy-efficient decorations to lessen the overall impact and save money this winter in Atlanta. 

LED lighting is the first stop since it will look just as well while cutting those additional energy costs significantly. If you cannot get LED lighting or need an alternative, looking at energy ratings on the manufacturer’s packaging will clue you into which options could get the job done without costing you an arm and a leg.

Maintain Your Systems

As the winter approaches, it’s an ideal time to call in the professionals to take care of maintaining your home’s systems before anything disastrous could happen. Annual maintenance of your home’s furnace is key to keeping it running efficiently, and it often only takes a quick visit from an HVAC technician. 

The tech will inspect every part of your home’s HVAC system to catch anything that could be either out of the ordinary or running inefficiently. A small investment now could make the difference between another problem-free winter and a costly, uncomfortable one.

Find Ways to Save Money This Winter in Atlanta

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