Digital Real Estate Solutions Atlanta Home Buyers and Sellers Should Know About in 2023

It’s no secret that we live in a world driven by technology, and embracing the newest tools and methods related to the real estate market can often provide some sizable benefits. Let’s bring you up to speed on the modern tools that will give you an edge by looking at the digital real estate solutions Atlanta home buyers and sellers should know about in 2023.

Finding the Property

The first step to buying a property is searching for the right one that meets your wants and needs. 

To accomplish this task, there are quite a few different large real estate databases you can access painlessly online. This is a digital real estate solution that brings the usual services of an agent straight to your computer screen, allowing you to quickly go through any listings in your area with minimal effort. 

If you’re looking to sell your home, it can seem like a great idea to visit these databases and look up your own property to get an idea of where to initially price your for-sale home. However, we strongly suggest taking any estimated pricing with a grain of salt, as their accuracy is suspect and often fails to account for local pricing trends to the degree that you need. 

Despite this, these online databases are perfect for looking up the latest closing deals and the prices for which they were ultimately sold. This is collecting information on what is called neighborhood comps, and it’s the exact process an agent goes through to help pinpoint your home’s ideal starting price.


Since we exist in this highly connected world and most people regularly use social media to communicate with one another, it should come as no surprise that social media can be an effective tool in the realm of digital real estate solutions. 

Sellers can create posts linking to their home’s listing and provide a quick caption summarizing the listing’s strengths. Taking this post and sharing it with your friends, as well as any local groups that allow real estate posts, can be cheap and a huge boon to your property’s marketing. Take things one step further by kindly asking your friends and family to share your post with their friends for an even further marketing push. 

Just as sellers are getting the word out through social media, buyers can use these same channels to keep their eyes peeled for their dream home. The key to marketing your property through social media is to create an eye-catching post that is concise and follow up with any comments in a cordial manner. Even if the person who sees your post isn’t a motivated buyer or seller, there’s a chance they could spread the word to someone who is that motivated buyer or seller.

Do a Credit Checkup

Another benefit of these 2023 digital real estate solutions has to do with your credit. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, when deciding you’re ready to hit the market is the perfect time to review your credit history. 

You can go online and order a free annual credit report from any major credit rating agency, and you’ll have the report emailed or snail mailed to you after jumping through some security hoops. Reviewing every page of your credit report can clue you in to your outstanding debts, including some you may have forgotten were still lingering out there. 

As a buyer, this allows you to make more informed budgeting choices in order to do something like maximize your savings for a down payment. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to account for those debts, pay them down, and make yourself a more reliable and attractive buyer. As a seller, this also helps to set you up for a cleaner and more positive credit history.

Access to Digital Real Estate Solutions in Atlanta

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