4 Hot Decorating Trends to Use When Selling Your House in Atlanta

Selling your home is about doing what you can to make your property stand out from the competition and finding the right buyer that matches up to their wants and needs with your home. We are going to get you set off in the right direction for selling your home by covering 4 hot decorating trends to use when selling your house in Atlanta.

Broaden Your Color Selection

Traditionally, any real estate professional is going to recommend painting your house in neutral tones, focusing on shades of white. These days, sticking to the tried and true white method can be detrimental in that it has been so overdone and can leave rooms feeling lifeless and boring. 

The full-color spectrum is now more open and available as long as you stick to warm hues. Focusing on high-contrast two-tone or monochromatic color schemes would be a mistake when you can combine a warm blue with natural wood baseboards to really nail a look. Accent walls remain a great way to make a room feel more dynamic. 

A final possibility is using colored lighting to create more ambiance or even help a room feel larger and open.

Rustic Aesthetics Shine

Where we were previously dealing with the ultramodern, minimalist approach, the prevailing winds of design have shifted to embrace a collection of throwback looks that focus on a cozy, cottage-like appearance. 

The use of natural materials for floors and countertops has become all the rage. Meanwhile, sliding barn doors and the now-coveted and spacious farm kitchen sink dominate the style landscape. This return to an older theme has been dubbed “Grandmillennial” as it adopts the hallmark wicker and rattan furniture and warm color schemes of Millennials’ grandparents’ homes. 

This design trend has become a way of creating a sanctuary of solitude and meditation amongst a chaotic world.

Adaptive Living Spaces

After experiencing a year of curtailed lifestyles and large, global changes in the way we communicate, live, and work, it should come as no surprise that an extremely sought-after element of any for-sale home is the ability for multifunctional rooms. 

We live in a time where at a moment’s notice the work from home ripcord could be pulled and we are left turning living rooms and kitchen tables into temporary workspaces. 

From a decorating standpoint, this mostly comes down to efficient use of the available space, but you can emphasize a room’s ability to adapt by using clever furniture and placement. Coffee tables that rise to become low desks and ample storage space are great starters. 

Don’t forget any outdoor features that you can highlight when selling your house as well. Patio areas that work for hosting a barbeque can be an asset in the event you’re working from home while taking care of kids. With the kids outdoors when the weather is warm, it can give you some much-needed breathing room.

Reassess the Details

Tying back to the discussion of the rise in popularity of a rustic aesthetic, minding the details of your home, and making updates when necessary can go a long way when selling your house. 

Old kitchen and bathroom cabinet handles and oil-rubbed bronze faucets are now showing their age despite them originally being part of a trend returning to another older style themselves. Dining room chandeliers and other larger light fixtures are usually written off as gaudy and obsolete. 

When finding replacements, focus on those natural materials again while sticking to your warm color scheme. And make sure you avoid anything that is advertised as oil-rubbed – the dark accents these contain are seen as overpowering.

Guidance When Selling Your House in Atlanta

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