5 Characteristics of a Top Atlanta Real Estate Agent

One of the best things any buyer or seller can do to kickstart their real estate adventure is meet with multiple different agents and choose the one that feels like the best fit for that client. To get a better concept of how you can better identify a stellar agent, let’s look at 5 characteristics of a top Atlanta real estate agent.

Intimate Market Knowledge

The old saying that real estate is about location will always carry weight, and your Atlanta real estate agent is certainly aware of any home’s relative value based on that location. 

Agents spend a lot of time learning about local market pricing and how to determine where a property lands on the relative pricing scale for any neighborhood. A home’s value is going to be influenced by its proximity to schools, shopping, and major commuter routes along with its condition and features. 

When first meeting with an agent, ask them how they would market your home if you’re selling or if they know of any properties off the top of their head that fit your budget if you’re buying. A quick answer to either of these questions will give you a quick read on that particular agent’s familiarity with the current market.


As things get moving with a real estate agent, a top agent will be present for appraisals, inspections, or simply to view your for-sale home before it goes up on the market. 

In any of these cases, the agent needs to keep their senses focused to hone in on anything that could be a landmine for potential buyers. These things could include small cosmetic upgrades that could make your home more appealing, the signs of a pet that could put off buyers, or glaringly obvious code violations that could lead to serious headaches should you purchase the property. 

Having an experienced agent concentrating on finding possible issues is a boon to buyers and sellers alike.


Whether they’re finding the right property for you or going about marketing your home to a targeted demographic, a Atlanta real estate agent that’s able to think on their feet and problem-solve effectively is invaluable. 

Each agent develops professional contacts over the years and can then connect you with these individuals to help alleviate issues or better market your property. For instance, an agent could have a spectacular photographer they can call to put together a solid set of images for your home’s listing. When buying a property, an agent can contact other agencies and access their listings to quickly toss options your way that meet your criteria.


From the beginning until closing, you want to have a real estate agent that keeps you in the loop regarding anything and everything. This could mean contacting you and requesting documentation or having you sign off on something, or it could also be keeping you up to date on what’s going on with interested buyers. 

Having an agent that can help keep themselves, you, and the buyer or seller in constant communication is a sure way to keep any real estate transaction moving. Being able to trust your agent is critically important, so finding someone with whom you are comfortable being open and honest can help contribute to closing.

Calm Professionalism

While each agent brings their sales personality to the forefront when dealing with clients and other buyers or sellers, you definitely want to feel that they are representing you with integrity and professionalism. 

The area in which this most easily shines is once you and the other party enter negotiations. It’s not uncommon for sellers to have difficulty keeping their personal feelings away from the negotiating table. However, a qualified and experienced agent will always represent their client in order to close a transaction and get their client as much as possible.

Your Atlanta Real Estate Agent Team

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