10 Things You Need to Know About Buying Land and Building a Home in Atlanta

Buying land and building a home can be an exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re getting into. In Atlanta, there are some unique factors to consider when embarking on this journey. Big Ron Property Solutions can help you examine your options so you can determine if you should buy a pre-built home or build one yourself. Before you make any decisions, here are 10 things you need to know about buying land and building a home in Atlanta:

1. Zoning Regulations: 

Before you start looking for land, it’s important to understand the zoning regulations in your area. These regulations can dictate what you can and cannot build on a piece of land, so make sure you do your research before making any commitments.

2. Flood Zones

Summer storms in Atlanta can bring heavy rainfall, so it’s important to check if the land you’re considering is in a flood zone. This can affect the cost of insurance and the type of home you can build. You’ll also want to be aware of any risk. It would be a shame to build only to have to deal with unwanted water in your home. 

3. Soil Quality

The soil quality in Atlanta can vary greatly from one area to another. Make sure you have a soil analysis done before buying land to ensure that it can support the type of foundation you want to build. Many people over look this step, only to find themselves stuck with land that they cannot build on. 

4. Water Supply

Depending on where you’re looking to buy land, you may need to drill a well for water. Make sure you understand the cost and logistics of this before making any commitments. Ideally, you’ll want utilities on the land already if you are planning to build. 

5. Building Codes

Atlanta has specific building codes that must be followed when constructing a home. Make sure you understand these codes before beginning your build to avoid any delays or fines. What is acceptable in one town may not be acceptable in another, so it’s important to understand what you are able to do when building a house here in Atlanta. 

6. Construction Costs

Building a home can be expensive, and costs can vary greatly depending on the type of home you want to build. Make sure you have a realistic budget in mind before starting the process. Be sure to pad your building budget for the costs that will inevitably arise. 

7. Permits and Inspections

There are many permits and inspections required throughout the building process in Atlanta. Make sure you have a good understanding of what is required and when to avoid any delays. Not having the right permits can force you to restart your project. 

8. Contractor Selection: 

Choosing the right contractor is crucial to the success of your build. Do your research and make sure you choose someone with experience and a good reputation in the area.

9. Energy Efficiency

With rising energy costs, it’s important to consider energy efficiency when building a home. Look for ways to incorporate energy-saving features into your design. This can be a huge attraction for buyers. 

10. Resale Value

Even if you’re planning to live in your home for many years, it’s important to consider the resale value. Make sure you build a home that will appeal to a wide range of buyers if you ever decide to sell. Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it your own. Choose features that you love, after all, this is your Atlanta dream home. 

Buying land and building a home in Atlanta can be a complex process, but with the right research and preparation, it can also be a rewarding one. Keep these 10 factors in mind as you begin your journey, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the home of your dreams. 
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