5 Perks of Buying a House in a Atlanta 55+ Community

Making the decision to move into a planned elder community when you have lived in your current home for years can be cause for some stress and anxiety. To help alleviate your concerns and provide some peace of mind, let’s have a look at these 5 perks of buying a house in a Atlanta 55+ community.

A Specific Demographic

For many of us, once we hit a certain age the thought of moving to a new neighborhood and feeling the need to ingratiate ourselves to a new group of people who may or may not really understand where we are coming from seems both daunting and exhausting. 

By making the move to a 55+ community, you’re much more likely to be surrounded by a population that better understands you and where you come from since they are more likely to have similar experiences throughout life. Knowing that your neighbors share comparable perspectives and values, helps to foster a greater sense of comradery and benefits everyone living in that community.

Peace and Quiet

Another effect of living next to people closer to your age means it’s very unlikely you will encounter large families with children to handle. Traffic in and around the neighborhood will be reduced, and you will have a greater sense of calm and solitude. 

Without the additional young families in the area, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors without the usual noise pollution of neighborhoods that are starting to cater more to a younger age group as time goes on. 

Another plus of living around people who are experiencing similar life circumstances to your own is an unspoken agreement to help preserve that peace and quiet.

Less Work for You

Oftentimes, 55+ communities will have a homeowners association or a community management group in place to assist its residents, when necessary. 

One of the most important functions of these organizations is to help maintain the properties – sometimes this is isolated to the common areas of the managed neighborhood while other times it may include maintaining individual homes as well. 

Be sure to get all of the details on your management so you understand what services it provides for you as a resident, and then take advantage of these services since you will be paying for them in dues every month.

The Extra Bits and Bobs

Like any other gated or planned residential area, 55+ communities come equipped with value-added amenities open to its residents. Be sure to carefully investigate all your options when buying a house in Atlanta.

These could range anywhere from simple, landscaped parks to fitness centers, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Finding the right community for you could heavily depend on the amenities available to its residents. 

Shuttle services or dedicated private transportation is also another point to seek out if you’re wanting to get out of the house regularly.

Access to Care

It certainly isn’t glamorous, but one thing to keep in mind is that individuals residing in a 55+ community are going to need the ability to go to regular doctor’s appointments or need emergency care from time to time. 

Anyone working within these communities is aware of this reality and will be able to provide some kind of help to you in the event it is required. When a 55+ community is being planned, it’s important for the owners and investors to provide easy and quick access to direct care, or to a major route that will allow convenient travel when that care is needed.

Help Buying a House in a Atlanta 55+ Community

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