How to Avoid All Repair Costs When Selling Your House in Atlanta

Accepted wisdom has it that when selling your house, it has to be in great condition, at least in better condition than similar houses in the immediate area. This is generally true, but sellers often don’t have to make all the repairs and improvements they do and so could avoid some or much of the costs. Knowing what to fix and especially what not fix can help you avoid repair costs. And there is even a way to avoid all repair costs when selling your house in Atlanta.

Consult a Top Local Agent Before Doing Anything

Before you do anything toward selling your house, you should consult a top, local agent. An experienced agent can help you avoid costs and make more money by guiding you in what repairs and upgrades are necessary and which ones you can skip to save money.

An experienced local agent will know exactly what it takes to sell in your market. That way you don’t spend a bunch of money on repairs that you didn’t have to do because they won’t help you sell. The advantage of working with a local agent is that she can provide valuable insight on what will work to bring a good return on your investment so that you don’t lose money on unnecessary repairs.

A good agent may not be able to help you avoid all repair costs, but she can help you get around many of them. To consult a Atlanta to learn more, just call (404) 977-5054.

Know What You Should Not Fix

Similarly, knowing what you should not fix before selling your house can help you avoid a good many repair costs. The main ones are . . . 

Cosmetic Flaws and Issues

Yes, you should take care of cosmetic issues that are easy and cost little to nothing, things like sprucing up the lawn and painting a few interior walls. Such things are easy and inexpensive and can have a big impact.

But some cosmetic flaws should be left alone because they just cost too much. These include replacing countertops or replacing hardwood floors with scratches. Buyers expect lived-in homes to have some wear and tear, and these are costs you can avoid.

Just be aware, though, that a lot of it depends on the local market – what buyers in that market expect. So, again, be sure to consult a local agent at (404) 977-5054 to find exactly what you can get away with.

Minor Electrical Issues

When selling your house, you absolutely must take care of major electrical problems such as old wiring and an outdated service panel. The home inspection will find these problems, and they will be negotiating leverage for the buyer. But minor issues you can overlook.

You do not need to address minor electrical issues like dead outlets or cranky light switches. The inspection report will likely note them, but they remain minor and are an area where you can avoid some repair costs.

Cracks in Driveways or Walkways

Although curb appeal is important, few buyers are so picky that they will allow a few cracks in the driveway or sidewalks to kill the sale. In fact, some areas experience a lot of soil movement, and hairline cracks are common. Unless the cracks present a potential hazard, you probably shouldn’t worry about them.

Sell As-Is

There is an option for selling your house in Atlanta whereby you can avoid all repair costs. And that is to sell it as-is. 

When listing and selling your house as-is, you are telling buyers that you are selling the house in its current condition without any repairs or improvements being made. A buyer who agrees to the as-is sale is willingly purchasing the house in its current state with full knowledge of its condition.

That “full knowledge of its condition” part is important. Even when selling your house as-is, you still have to disclose any and all problems and issues. It’s not a way to avoid sharing what you know, nor is it a way to get out of all negotiations. You just get to avoid the repair costs.

Still, selling as-is can be a viable way to sell your house when you don’t want to spend the money or don’t have the money or time for making repairs. You just have to go about it in the right way – which typically means working with a local agent to avoid legal issues.

Selling Your House and Avoiding Repair Costs

So there are ways to cut down on repair costs when selling your house, and there is a way to avoid all repair costs. Just be sure you have an experienced agent in your corner if you decide to take the as-is route. If you want to avoid repair costs when selling your house in Atlanta, contact us today at (404) 977-5054.