How to Set a Good Asking Price for Your House in Atlanta

If you want to start on the right foot with a listing of your house, you must understand the importance of pricing it right. Most buyers have a price range in mind, and if your home should be in their search results, but it is not because it is over or underpriced, you’ll be missing out on selling for the highest potential profit. Instead, buyers may think you have an overinflated opinion of the value of your home and that negotiations would be complex if you’re overpriced. On the other hand, underpriced homes tend to linger because most buyers want a home ready for immediate occupancy and fear something is wrong if it’s too low. In either case, as the days add up, the value drops in the eyes of buyers. 

It can be challenging to pinpoint a competitive asking price for your house without understanding all the nuances of making this determination. For example, some influential factors could be the condition of your home, if there have been any recent upgrades or renovations, the current state of the real estate market, and even the time of year.

Understanding the Market

The statistics for FSBOs are abysmal. To establish a good asking price for your house in Atlanta, you need to understand market trends, inventory, and buyer demand, without which prices are unrealistic or inaccurate, resulting in a longer time on the market, a lower final sale price, or no sale at all. With access to market data and a steady vigilance over market conditions, professional real estate agents can help you establish a realistic asking price that hits the mark.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategies help maximize profits, so it is essential to set a good asking price for your house in Atlanta. With expertise in pricing strategies, professional real estate agents like those at Big Ron Property Solutions understand the risks and rewards of different pricing strategies. The agents at Big Ron Property Solutions can help you pinpoint the right asking price.


Knowing what to expect during negotiations and having a strategy will help you get a good asking price for your house in Atlanta. Because the value you place on your home may not align with the current market value, the negotiating phase can be extremely emotional if you are not prepared for insultingly low offers. Highly seasoned professionals like those at Big Ron Property Solutions are skilled at even the tensest of negotiations and can help you walk away the winner

Time and Effort

It’s clear to see that getting a good asking price for your house in Atlanta requires a fast sale because no matter what the reason a home may linger on the market, added days equal less profit. Selling a home is a time-consuming process with many moving parts, and staying on top of everything sellers must do to attract the right buyer is overwhelming when it’s all new to you. However, when you work with a professional real estate agent like those at Big Ron Property Solutions, you can sit back and relax, knowing your house will sell quickly for the highest possible profits. 

You’ll know the price is right when you work with the agents at Big Ron Property Solutions who help sellers like you avoid wasted time and disappointments. The real estate agents at Big Ron Property Solutions have access to the most current technology and data to help you decide on the best possible asking price for your house in Atlanta. Let the professional real estate agents at Big Ron Property Solutions handle everything, from scheduling professionals for the marketing, and showings, from prequalifying buyers to the negotiation table and the legalities and piles of paperwork. Contact Big Ron Property Solutions at (404) 977-5054.