4 Quick Things You Can do to Add Value Before You Sell Your House in Atlanta

When it comes to selling your home, you certainly want to get every little bit you can for the time, effort, and money you have invested into the property. In order to maximize your profits and give your property the edge versus the competition, here are 4 quick things you can do to add value before you sell your house in Atlanta.

Deep Clean and Declutter

In order to get your home ready for your local real estate market you certainly did some serious deep cleaning.

We strongly encourage you to clean out every square foot of your home no matter its use or visibility to an inquisitive potential buyer. After finishing your thorough deep cleaning, the next step is to declutter every area of your home. You want to do your best to make rooms feel big and spacious without eliminating so many possessions so that they feel entirely empty.

The decluttering process is especially important when it comes to optimizing and organizing your home’s storage.

Closets, cabinets, and larger storage rooms all need to be neat and tidy so that buyers aren’t left with the impression that the available storage space isn’t sufficient for them. Keep in mind that buyers will be going through any and all tiny areas of your home in order to determine if it fits their wants and needs, so keep an eye on the details when you sell your house in Atlanta.


To finish up the initial stripping down and reorganization of your property, we move to the extremely helpful step of depersonalization.

Depersonalizing your home means going through your home and removing any family photos, heirlooms, or other highly personal items. Doing this has two pretty important functions: It acts as a security measure for yourself and your personal property as well as eliminates distractions for interested parties coming to look at your home.

Having photos and other personal items laying around can make buyers feel like they’re unwelcome trespassing invading your space. Instead of that, you want them to be able to easily envision their own living situation in your home for the most success when you sell your house in Atlanta.

Remember the Exterior

Someone looking to buy your home isn’t just purchasing what’s going on inside the house but everything outside as well.

Just like cleaning up and organizing the interior of your home, giving some careful attention to the exterior can not only help but in some cases sell an otherwise lackluster property. The first impression given by an immaculate home exterior – often referred to as a home’s curb appeal – sets the tone for the entire showing as well as displaying your care and attention to detail as a homeowner.

Keeping your lawn mowed, flowerbeds pruned and looking clean with new mulch, and power washing your home’s siding and gutters is all it might take to make your home into a curb appeal juggernaut.

Brighten Everything up

Finally, minding the details of each room will sell each and every square inch of your home to any interested buyer that enters.

Do your best to allow in more natural sunlight by removing heavy blackout curtains and opening up your blinds. This simple action assists by making rooms feel bigger and more attractive overall.

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be revived by replacing aging and outdated hardware with something a bit more trendy. The same can be accomplished for rooms with older light fixtures that don’t have that antique charm.

The last suggestion for updating any room is repainting using a neutral tone. This is certainly more time-consuming and costly than our other suggestions, but it can take a drab room and turn it around completely. The neutral colors also help to reflect light and brighten up the entire space.

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