6 Staging Secrets For Your House In Atlanta

If you’re sitting around waiting for your house to sell, it can feel as if everyone else has some special staging secrets that you aren’t privy to. But don’t worry – We’re blowing the lid off those secrets that real estate agents and staging professionals everywhere use to help home sell faster and for higher prices. Here are 6 staging secrets for your house in Atlanta:


When it comes to selling your house, less is definitely more.

Work hard to go through your home and get rid of as much as possible. Potential homeowners don’t want to see stuffed shelves of decor and books, baskets overflowing with blankets, and closets filled to the brim with clothes.

Instead, they like to see a little light and space in the rooms of your home, which helps make even a small home feel more expansive and airy.

Use this decluttering as an opportunity to get rid of the possessions that no longer serve a purpose in your life. For those things that you do still need, but that you don’t need in your home during the sales process, consider getting a portable storage pod. This keeps the things close by but not in your home, and you can just drive away with the storage unit when you have a showing.


While many people may think that neutral-colored walls is one of the staging secrets to sell your home faster, it’s actually better to use color strategically.

Use throw pillows, blankets, or other accent pieces to add a little extra pop to your rooms.

This will draw the potential buyers’ eyes around the room and can help you show off each room’s best features in a subtle way.


Creating space and an easy flow of traffic is one of the biggest staging secrets in the business.

Even if you typically keep your furniture up against the walls to create more space in the center of your rooms, consider pulling things off the walls and creating staging areas when you’re getting your home ready to sell.

This allows potential buyers to move around the rooms better and look at things such as the condition of your windows and floors, which means they won’t rearrange your furniture during a showing just to look in a corner.


Do you have an extra room that currently collects junk?

Instead of leaving it completely bare, create an office, crafts room, or gaming room to give potential buyers an idea of all the ways space can be used.

This creates the feeling for many that there’s extra space in your home and makes them more likely to buy even if other factors are less desirable.


Bringing light into your rooms, whether natural or electric, is one of the biggest staging secrets to help your house sell.

If your home is showing during the day, open all the curtains and blinds to let natural light in. If you’re showing your home in the evening, turn all the lights on before you leave.

For darker areas of your home, such as under cabinets and interior rooms, add temporary lighting such as lamps or under-cabinet stick-on lighting. This gives more ambiance but also helps create more light in dark spaces.


Groupings of threes in furniture pieces and accessories create more visual interest, drawing the potential buyers’ eyes into the room.

Arrange things in groupings of threes, especially if those items are slightly different in size and style, to create a harmonious feel in your rooms.

Home Staging Secrets at Your Fingertips

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