6 Home Selling Tips From Atlanta‘s Top Real Estate Agents

Selling your home can be a stressful and overwhelming task. We’ve put together a few helpful [marlet_city] home selling tips to make the process more manageable.


The most immediate thing you can do when listing your home is to make sure you have the property priced appropriately.

The best way to determine your initial asking price is to do some local market research – see how much equivalent homes in your neighborhood have sold for in the past few years. This will help you understand the market in which you’re creating your listing, and give you additional knowledge that could prove useful when considering potential offers and during negotiation.


While doing some cleaning is one of the obvious home selling tips, it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of stuff in your home.

In some cases, this means reducing the amount of clothing stored in closets. A good way to straighten out your closets is to take about half of the items out and put them into storage. If the living spaces are chock full of objects, potential buyers are more likely to feel the available living space is not sufficient for their purposes. Make the space feel lived in without making it appear or feel small.


When a potential buyer enters your home for a showing, it’s best if they can envision themselves inhabiting that space and making it their own. A great way to aid this process is to remove personal photos and mementos. This also includes removing more expensive items, such as jewelry.

Much like the previous home selling tips, the idea is to make the space feel lived in but not make it feel like an unwelcome territory to the buyer. Try to present them with a blank canvas.


Some sellers think large renovations will be a major selling point.

While a big home overhaul could convince a buyer to go all in, the chance that you would recoup the cost of the renovation is less than spectacular. A much better investment would be to do small updates on details: lighting, fixtures, and hardware. Replacing doorknobs and light switch covers are pennies compared to a full bathroom renovation and can make a big difference when buyers are on high alert and checking every possible detail during a showing.

In the event that any renovation is necessary, investing in your kitchen is the safest bet, as it is the most likely space to give at least some return on investment.


While animal lovers might appreciate your common interests as pet owners, it’s advised to keep pets out of the picture during showings. Hiding clutter caused by toys, litter boxes, and food bowls is a great start.

Don’t forget to test for smells. An unpleasant odor can drive away buyers in an instant. Remedying the situation could be as simple as using some scent diffusers or wall plug-ins all the way up to deep-cleaning carpets.


The first impression your home provides is on the outside, so make it count. Cleaning up leaves and other landscaping debris will make your yard much more organized and beautiful. Investing in some landscape fabric and bags of mulch to revitalize planters will freshen up the accents and help pull the full exterior picture together. The important thing to remember when selling your home is that the details truly matter.

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