5 Tips For Getting Your House Ready for The MLS in Atlanta

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is used throughout the real estate industry to help connect buyers and sellers. Sellers’ agents list properties with the local MLS, and buyers and their agents can browse the listings to find houses that interest them. In addition, 90% of buyers shop for houses online (at least initially), so it’s important for sellers to get their houses MLS listed. That’s why we offer these 5 tips for getting your house ready for the MLS in [marke_city].

1.Get a Good Camera

Although often overlooked and not exactly about the house, this one of the tips for getting your house ready for the MLS in Atlanta shouldn’t be neglected. You don’t have to lay out a bunch of cash for professional photography, but you can’t take photos of your house with your cell phone either. Remember, 90% of buyers shop for houses online, so your photos need to showcase your house in the best way possible. A 5-megapixel camera should do the trick – they’re readily available and fairly inexpensive.

2. Improve the Lighting

You want to display your house in the best light – both literally and figuratively. So throw open those shades and spend some time cleaning windows to give it a brighter more inviting look. You should also replace outdated fixtures and perhaps add lighting to brighten dark areas.

3. Jettison the Clutter and Do Some Staging

Obviously, you need to clear out the clutter. But that doesn’t mean in just the main areas. Don’t forget the garage and closets – because buyers will invariably poke around in those areas, too. You should also paint dingy walls and those that show where pictures have been hanging.

Real estate experts also advise staging as one of the tips for getting your house ready for the MLS in Atlanta, which involves arranging everything in the most inviting and appealing way possible. You might be able to do it yourself, but this is one area where the services of a professional are recommended. Again, remember that this staging will show in those critical online photos.

4. Make Minor Repairs and Upgrades

You don’t have to do any major renovations or remodels, but it is a good idea to make minor repairs and upgrades. These possible repairs include sticking doors, missing roof shingles, dripping faucets, and torn screens. These may seem trivial to you, but not to buyers. When these minor repairs have been seen to, buyers perceive your house as one that has been well maintained and is, therefore, more desirable.

5. Spruce Up the Exterior

This one could be the most important of our tips for getting your house ready for the MLS in Atlanta because the majority of sellers concentrate on the inside of the house. But it’s the outside that buyers first see and that makes the critical first impression.

So do some landscaping – it doesn’t have to be that extensive or expensive – and work on enhancing curb appeal. In addition, minor improvements can do a lot to add to the overall effect. You could, for example, patch holes and cracks in the driveway and clean out gutters. Even things as minor as polishing exterior door knobs and replacing house numbers do their part to contribute to a favorable impression.

There you go: 5 tips for getting your house ready for the MLS in Atlanta. These things can have a  huge impact on the appeal of your house, as well as the success of your listing and your sale price. But do you know the rest of what it takes?

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